Ask me about my Chainmail and Broadsword Sale

November? Really? That’s the last time I posted?

I spent all of November and the first week of December working on Christmas gifts. I even had a whole weekend all to myself without a husband (who was in Toronto, Canada) or my kids (who were across state with my in-laws for a family Christmas thing) and I got a lot done.

Then I got sick from either my daughter or husband. It started as a cold/fluish/upper respiratory thing, then morphed into an ear infection that I’m still fighting (but it’s losing. Finally). I’ve been sick for the past two months and yesterday was the first day since about the 7th of December that I felt well enough to really work on crocheting. Continue Reading “Ask me about my Chainmail and Broadsword Sale”

Remember: Pillage First THEN Burn

It seems I have something of a reputation in my circles. Anything related to yarn gets thrown my way. I’ve seriously had the same baby Yoda hat linked to me by three different people from three different circles.

(While I can buy this pattern on Etsy, unfortunately it is a knitting pattern)

Problem is, most people can’t tell the difference between crochet and knit. There are a *lot* more knitting patterns out there than crochet (which I still don’t understand why). So while sometimes I get lucky and it will be crochet (Like the panzer tank slippers I’ve been commissioned to do; he *finally* got the yarn to me) most of the time it’s knitted.

I don’t knit. I don’t want to learn how to knit right now. I may never spend the time to learn how to knit. Continue Reading “Remember: Pillage First THEN Burn”

My Etsy Store… It’s Alive!

I finally got off my butt this weekend and got a few more stockings made and then yesterday set up my etsy store. I took the whole day off of work yesterday (because I’d been bitching for weeks that I never get to take days off. Ahh, the joys of owning your own business) and got it done, along with a few other things like cook dinner for my gaming group.

I don’t have a whole lot up yet, but slowly I’ll build up an inventory. The Ivory Tower of Doom Etsy Store! Continue Reading “My Etsy Store… It’s Alive!”

Don’t Worry. It’s Really Hard to Die in this Game.

When I go out shopping, I love to just look at stuff. I can amuse myself for hours just browsing through the aisles, just seeing what interesting things I can find. The craft stores are especially troublesome. Any trip that takes me less than 30 minutes is a ‘short’ one.

While on a yarn run this morning, I found GIANT bottle caps in the clearance section. One of them is 3″ in diameter and the other is 2″. I decided that I must have them, zomg now, brought them home and made two new, giant buttons for my fabric wall hanging that stores almost all of my buttons. Since they are bottle caps and the game(s) Fallout use bottle caps as currency, I made them into Fallout buttons!

Continue Reading “Don’t Worry. It’s Really Hard to Die in this Game.”