Is a House still a Home when it’s in Complete Disarray?

I’ve come to realize I only have the brainpower for one to three projects at any one time.

Unless that project is fixing up our house to sell. Then there is NO MORE ROOM!

We’re now two full months into our house fix-up. We decided to do as much of the work ourselves to save money. Holy buckets, now I understand what ‘sweat equity’ means.

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Remember: Pillage First THEN Burn

It seems I have something of a reputation in my circles. Anything related to yarn gets thrown my way. I’ve seriously had the same baby Yoda hat linked to me by three different people from three different circles.

(While I can buy this pattern on Etsy, unfortunately it is a knitting pattern)

Problem is, most people can’t tell the difference between crochet and knit. There are a *lot* more knitting patterns out there than crochet (which I still don’t understand why). So while sometimes I get lucky and it will be crochet (Like the panzer tank slippers I’ve been commissioned to do; he *finally* got the yarn to me) most of the time it’s knitted.

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