Don’t Worry. It’s Really Hard to Die in this Game.

When I go out shopping, I love to just look at stuff. I can amuse myself for hours just browsing through the aisles, just seeing what interesting things I can find. The craft stores are especially troublesome. Any trip that takes me less than 30 minutes is a ‘short’ one.

While on a yarn run this morning, I found GIANT bottle caps in the clearance section. One of them is 3″ in diameter and the other is 2″. I decided that I must have them, zomg now, brought them home and made two new, giant buttons for my fabric wall hanging that stores almost all of my buttons. Since they are bottle caps and the game(s) Fallout use bottle caps as currency, I made them into Fallout buttons!

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That’s no Moon… It’s a Death Star Afghan

I’ve been arm’s deep in yarn lately, but I thought I’d show off my latest project. I kept seeing all of these really cool pixelated afghans floating around on craftster, ravelry, and pintrest. “I can do that,” I told myself. A good friend of mine had a birthday coming up (it was Friday, July 20th. I’m week late) and I was completely stumped on what to make for him. He loves Star Wars. Somehow the two ideas merged and hence, the Death Star Afghan was born.

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There is no Cow Level!

I enjoy video games. I have since I was a little kid. I prefer RPGs and Action Adventure games to First-Person Shooters. I mostly play games for the story first, the gameplay second, and the graphics dead last. My two favorite games of all time are Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES) which came out fifteen years ago and Final Fantasy III/Six (SNES/PS1) which was seventeen years ago. A game that looks shiny and pretty but sucks for story isn’t a game I will enjoy. Continue Reading “There is no Cow Level!”

Friday Reads: Actresses, Zombies, Vampires, Seekers, and Diviners

I am a bit of a bibliophile. It’s a lot like saying rain is a bit wet, the sun is a bit warm, and the ocean is a bit salty. I’m also a fast reader; I finish books in single sittings more often than not. My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy but I’ll read things from almost any genre. It kinda distresses me how many romance novels I own (not quite a dozen) though since it is one of my least favorite genres. Continue Reading “Friday Reads: Actresses, Zombies, Vampires, Seekers, and Diviners”