This doesn’t look like 8 hours of work!

I’m now officially elbows deep in yarn for Christmas projects, which means most of what I’m working on has to be kept hush-hush until then. There is only 59 more days until Christmas, which scares me. I really don’t think I’m going to get everything done in time, but I’m going to keep plugging away at it until I am (if something has to be late and delivered/mailed later, so be it!). Continue Reading “This doesn’t look like 8 hours of work!”

This Tower is the Doomiest

Welcome to the Ivory Tower. It’s a bit sparse in here for the moment but I’ll get it filled up in no time.

Expect to expect the unexpected here. I have more interests than I have time to work on them all. One day I may be crocheting a gift for a friend or family member, the next day I may sit and read a book or two in a single sitting, the next I may break out my pots and pans and cook up a storm (and swear up one when I have to clean up the resulting mess), the next I may type furiously at the keyboard to write, while the next I may decide to sit and slay demons or micromanage Sims for a few hours.

Google tells me that an Ivory Tower is “a state of privileged seclusion from the facts and practicalities of the real world.” This isn’t the real world. This is my world (but they know me here, so it’s okay).

That was only partially the reason I chose it. I had originally wanted to go with “Closet of Doom” (because I have a room in my house named thus), but I realized that would have some connotations to it that I didn’t want. I tend to add “of doom” to a lot of things (my other blogs are named/renamed to have ‘of doom’ at the end) because, well I don’t remember exactly why. Probably because of the Munchkin card “Duck of Doom” (You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon! Lose two levels!).

The main reason I chose the name is because The Ivory Tower is a fictional bar that exists in the 1920’s AND 2010’s Dresden Files RPG game we played/are playing as well as the story/world/work-in-progress I’m slowly working on writing. It is accorded neutral territory/sanctuary and a home-away-from-home for a lot of the characters from both games. And now it is mine too.

Have a seat, there’s coffee on the counter. I’ll try not to be too boring with my obsessive rambling about this, that, and the other things. That would be a horrible fate.