The Force is Strong with This One

I like Star Wars.

This is a bit of an understatement, like saying my cats like catnip.

I completely avoided everything about The Force Awakens until I saw it. I didn’t want to get super excited about something and have to wait to watch it. While it does have its faults, I enjoyed the movie immensely. Is it the best movie in the history of ever that everyone should watch no matter their interests? No. Is it a fun movie that fits very well with the feel of the movies and the (non-canon) expanded universe? Very much so.

I’m still plotting out some sort of craft to make after seeing the movie. Perhaps a flag modeled after one of the ones from Maz Kanata’s castle.

I have made a bunch of Star Wars themed crafts in the past. This is just a roundup of the ones I could find pictures for.

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Adventures in Cross Stitching

It seems that when I start a new hobby, I don’t just dabble in it; I jump into the deep end.

I’ve been really flinging myself into cross stitch. I find it’s easy to pick up and put down, I can work on it while I watch TV, and it’s fairly easy for me to work on it during slow times at work. The only part I’m still working on is easily packing up the things I need to take them back and forth.

But as of now, I’ve only bought one pattern, and it was because I just wanted a single element for my next surprise project.

I really enjoy making patterns, though usually it’s more cobbling together patterns. I’ve found that perler bead patterns work extremely well for cross stitch. The program I use, PCStitch, lets me make font patterns with nearly all of the fonts on my computer. Since I’m a bit of a font enthusiast (windows says I have over 1,200 fonts) this is fun and sometimes time consuming.

My most complex finished cross stitch is the Godzilla one I made for a friend’s birthday. He’s a bit of a Godzilla fan (I’m fairly sure he owns every movie made, a couple of them twice because of bonus features).

If I was to make it again, I would have put more space between 'zilla and the text
If I was to make it again, I would have put more space between ‘zilla and the text

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