The Force is Strong with This One

I like Star Wars.

This is a bit of an understatement, like saying my cats like catnip.

I completely avoided everything about The Force Awakens until I saw it. I didn’t want to get super excited about something and have to wait to watch it. While it does have its faults, I enjoyed the movie immensely. Is it the best movie in the history of ever that everyone should watch no matter their interests? No. Is it a fun movie that fits very well with the feel of the movies and the (non-canon) expanded universe? Very much so.

I’m still plotting out some sort of craft to make after seeing the movie. Perhaps a flag modeled after one of the ones from Maz Kanata’s castle.

I have made a bunch of Star Wars themed crafts in the past. This is just a roundup of the ones I could find pictures for.









These two live on my van windows. I have a vinyl cutter (technically two but the Circuit is packed) so I have a lot of fun designing things to make with it. I just had to have a Mythasaur skull, especially as we were playing a Mandalorian-based RP game at the time.

The Hello Mando is one design that I am extremely proud of. I took the basic form of the Hello Kitty and drew on the armor, gradually tweaking the design until I got it how I liked it.



2013-07-31 21.24.07 2013-08-25 22.32.54My Hello Mando (not pictured) and Hello Boba patches are some of my absolute favorite and one of the first patches I made. I did have them for sale in my Etsy shop for a while, but Sanrio sent me a warning and they had to be removed (oops).

The Zombie Stormtrooper was inspired by a friend (and she got sent the first one) and I think it turned out well. I pulled different pieces together to make it, flexing my photoshop skills. The helmet, the jaw, and the brain are all from different pictures, the blood and holes free-hand if I remember right. There’s also a subtle dark-red hole in one of the eyes. It’s a nice little touch.





Imperial Scarf

The Imperial Scarf was my first foray into gridded patterns with multiple colors for crochet. It was far from the last. I learned that I have to follow the chart really closely (the left side symbol has a crooked spoke).

The Pixalated Death Star Afghan was my first attempt at making an afghan. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remember it taking a while to finish and that joining the entire thing in one day was killer on my shoulders. I had to design the pixalated grid myself. I think I still have all of the graph paper from when I was figuring all of that out.


Jaster's Mandalorian HatGaz's Mandalorian HatThe two Mandolorian hats were my second attempt at gridwork (I think) and I swore so much at them. They were gifts, modeled after the armor colors of the two characters from one of our Star Wars rpgs. Figuring out how to keep the design correct while making the hat big enough for the design was difficult.

If I ever made another one (IF), I would make it longer so it could be used as an actual helmet.




The Rebel Alliance Citadel afghan was a gift for someone (not the goofy kid at the top of the picture). I felt the blanket was too small once I got the rebel symbol done so I added something else she loves on the bottom. Pixel afghans were easier with this one.






I find I enjoy combining fandoms so for this gift, I did just that. The Droid Tardis quilt is my first and only attempt at quilting. I learned quite a lot (including the fact my cats love to sit on folded fabric), but I don’t see myself ever doing another one like this again.

Perhaps a ‘traditional’ quilt but the applique was such a pain in the ass that I don’t want to go through all that work again (especially as a gift). Unless I think of a REALLY cool scene to do it for. For me.



Cross Stitch

2015-11-13 08.26.34

The Star Wars Home cross stitch was another gift (the same guy as the Imperial Scarf and Death Star Afghan). I got the idea from an etsy listing I found (from hardcorestitchcorps‘s Etsy Shop here), which I purchased for the town scene. I added a few more buildings on each side to fill the space from her original design. The words are from a Jedi Font I put into the cross stitch program I found and the two ships and the lightsabers are from other random patterns I found online.

I was very pleased with the frame I found and I think it lends well to the Tattooine theme.







2013-10-13 02.05.17

The cube is cardboard box I decorated to look like it could be a Jedi holocron, to act as a prop for the holocron my rpg character at the time had. All of that is just paint pens and a bored afternoon. The pyramid is modeled after a Sith Holocron, the base red paint and the copper edges actual copper sheets I cut and molded to fit. Unfortunately I grabbed the varnish with glitter in it, so it’s all sparkly and pretty, not at all evil and dark.





I’m sure there are more Star Wars themed crafts I’ve made, but until I unpack stuff to jog my memory, I don’t remember what else there might be. I may also be inspired to make something completely new and random, so this list might (and probably will) grow.