Puppies take a lot of Time and Work!

I haven’t been crafting very much recently due to the newest member of our household – a Miniature Pincher Chihuahua mix who we named Faye (After Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop).

She is the cutest little thing but requires a lot of work. It’s been over twenty years since I had a puppy, so I forgot just how much work they really are.

We work 45+ hours a week, so she comes to work with us every day. She thinks shes a ‘fierce guard dog’, so sometimes she barks at customers, but it’s something we’re working on. Housebreaking is still another major project. There is improvement – she’s peed less inside unless someone doesn’t pay attention to her wanting to go out – but pooping is still something that happens inside more than I’d like.

Seriously Faye? We literally just walked to the mailbox and back. Why did you poop on the shop floor!?

Faye likes to steal my craft supplies even more than our cats do. I’ve still got two skeins of yarn that need rewound because she stole them off the shelf in the gaming room and took them to the living room to demolish. We’ve got gates to keep her out of the laundry room, the hallway leading the the bedrooms and bathroom, and my gaming/craft room. I take that one down when I’m working in it so she can bounce back and forth.

I thought I was done with toys strewn all over the floor and stepping over baby gates when my kids stopped being toddlers. Never have I been so wrong.

She's just over 4 months old.
She’s just over 4 months old.