The Commission that nearly Broke me

I finally finished something!


I was commissioned to make these slippers two years ago. Over that since I bought the pattern on September 11, 2012. They were featured on one of the cheezeburger sites. The original pattern (which can be purchased here: ) was for a Panzer tank, but he wanted these to be Sherman Tanks.

He provided the yarn, which was a hand-spun wool yarn made a few hours south of us.

I have learned I hate working with wool.

It took me forever to finish the pieces, and just as long to assemble it. The instructions were adequete but not great, so I had to do a lot of “What the hell does this mean!?”. I had to completely guess on assembling, since the pattern was just “join these two pieces” but not HOW she did it. I did have to learn a new technique for them – back and front post stitches – which I’m now employing in my tarot bags.

The total pieces were 2 soles, 2 medium part of the hull, 2 upper hulls, 2 turrets, 2 barrels, 4 exhausts, 4 tracks, 4 spoke wheels and 20 regular wheels. There were 42 pieces total.


I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I’ve found, so when something wasn’t working perfectly, I’d throw up my hands and put it to the side for a long time. I also discovered that I crochet a whole lot tighter than most, so I have to go up a hook size or two to get the same gauge.

There was no gauge in the pattern, which means I was halfway through the first sole when I figured that part out.

My mantra became “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done!”

Since it was a commission and I was supposed to be working on it, I would go “oh, I can’t work on X project because I have the slippers.” And then the thought of working on the slippers was too much and I wouldn’t work on anything.

I’ve found that unless I set aside specific times to work on things, the mood never strikes me, so I never work on things.


I finally finished all the wheels a while back and assembled two of the tracks. Plastic stitch holders that look like safety pins are the greatest thing ever. I was able to line up everything and see where things were supposed to be and THEN sew them in. I never would have been able to assemble the darn slippers without them.


Then I put the project to the side, again. But this time to do something slightly more important – organize the gaming/craft room.

I had plans on Saturday that completely fell through (and I get to blame a manager and/or district manager for that). So I sat down, put some music on my phone, and rocked them out. I got everything done but the exhaust on Saturday, and rocked out those Sunday morning.


The stars were evil and I’m still not happy with them. But they kinda sorta maybe look like stars.

I’ve got ONE more commission that I need to work on. I organized the gaming/crafting room so I can work on it and not have to clean it up twice a week when we use that room for gaming. That was part of the problem of working on that one. “Oh, I don’t want to bring everything out to work for two hours and then have to put EVERYTHING back again.

After that I have a couple afghans to rock out. It’s a lot of squares (which I do at work when it’s slow) and assembling (More weekend projects!). And then, finally, maybe, I can start posting things on my etsy store to sell.

One thing at a time.


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