Wait, I have a blog!?

I’ve been neglecting the Tower lately.

I’ve not had a lot of motivation to get stuff done. I’m working on it, slowly.

This has been the healthiest I remember being for a very long time. I used to get sick every other month, if not more. For the past year, I’ve gotten sick 3-4 times, only one of those enough to stay home from work, and got food poisoning once. And we have health insurance now! Go go Obamacare for the OH MY GOODNESS IT’S EXPENSIVE TO KEEP ME HEALTHY!

Despite toying with the idea, I’ve yet to list things on Etsy to sell. It’s just something I haven’t devoted time to. I’ve been working on a couple bag patterns, but nothing I’m willing to send to other people yet. Yet! I haven’t worked with any patches for several months. I don’t have anywhere I can set up my sewing/embroidery machine long term; I have to break everything down and clean for stuff twice a week. Makes it hard to have enthusiasm about it when I spend more time putting things away than actually making stuff.

I’ve not done very much writing since November. I’ve created a lot of stories, but not really writing.

I’ve worked on a few projects the last couple of months. I find I’m happiest when I’m getting stuff finished (and usually crankiest somewhere in the middle) so I’ve been doing a lot of little things.

I finally finished the Bus Afghan I made for my in-laws in time for Christmas. It was only a year late. I didn’t have time to take any good photos of it because I had to get it wrapped. When I find the pictures (I think they’re on my AWOL camera), I’ll share what I have.

2014-05-15 22.40.142014-05-17 08.59.562014-05-17 09.01.47
Right now I’m working on patterns for both Dice Bags and Tarot Bags, with the eventual goal selling them. I’m far happier with the tarot bags thus far than the dice bags. (I don’t have any pictures of the dice bags yet)

They’re exact fit and flat bottomed, so the decks stand up all on their own. The bags are worked all in one piece, except for the button attachment, so they should be secured and not come apart at the seams.

I still need to locate a bunch more buttons if I’m going to make more of them. I really like the ones with the loop on the back. The trick is locating some without breaking the bank.

After I get the bottom worked up, the sides are fairly straightforward. I believe they are something I can make while watching TV. I have a few shows I’ve been meaning to watch.

2014-06-04 09.29.01

This is what one in progress looks like. I’m using the box from a tarot deck I altered for the sizing. I haven’t quite worked out how tall they need to be, so I go for a while then slide it over the box to see where I’m at. It also makes it convenient to transport it to and from work.