Patches? Patches! PATCHES!

I’ve been on a big patch streak. When I get a few more done and sit down to write some descriptions, I’ll re-boot my etsy store.

Like most things I do, this started from an offhand comment from a friend. He’s putting together a Fallout/apocalyptic cosplay, and one of the things he’d doing is a jacket with patches. I asked him what he was looking for and mentioned I could probably do the logo I threw together for our Fallout RPG game. He also requested a Firefly patch.

2013-07-28 02.49.33
From left to right:
“My other Coat is Brown” Firefly Patch
“Arms of Cleanwater” from our Fallout RPG
Celtic Knot Triforce that is my next Tattoo
Hello Mando
Fox Mon from Legend of the Five Rings with “And then the Fox Opened her Mouth” (inside joke for our RPG)

They turned out pretty well, if not a little big.

I kept futzing and experimenting, designing up things I thought I’d like. It’s a lot of Ocarina of Time stuff. I’m getting better at the actual design part and understanding how the program I use to convert it to stitches works.

I’m not nearly done yet.

2013-07-31 21.24.07
Hello Boba!
I changed the design to remove the whiskers and clean up the helmet, but I ran out of the green thread.
2013-07-28 12.02.59
Magic the Gathering. This was the tester patch & went on my son’s backpack. I’ve since cleaned up the design.
2013-07-31 23.34.13
Element Symbols from Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. This was another tester and still needs redone.
2013-08-03 00.21.13
“Gil’s Unmentionables” is an inside joke for our Fallout RPG
Deku Shield (with the wrong color for the accent)
Leaf and Fossil from Animal Crossing
All sorts of Patches!
N7 from Mass Effect
Hello Thulhu & an Elder Sign
Keaton’s Mask, Heart Pieces, Potions, and Gems from Ocarina of Time
“It Didn’t Happen” is an inside joke and is going on my purse.
2013-08-18 19.55.11
Pedestal of Time from Link to the Past. I’m figuring out how to simplify things so they work as patches.
2013-08-18 21.05.47
Majora’s Mask. He’s pretty fricken adorable.
2013-08-18 22.13.18
Book of Mudora from Link to the Past. The text isn’t true to the drawing I used; I used two different Zelda Fonts and put “Book of Mudora” in Japanese on it, using the fonts.
Cow from Harvest moon (design needs tweaking)
Hello Mando, Version 2
Mask of Truth, Magic Beans, and Ocarina of Time

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