Remember: Pillage First THEN Burn

It seems I have something of a reputation in my circles. Anything related to yarn gets thrown my way. I’ve seriously had the same baby Yoda hat linked to me by three different people from three different circles.

(While I can buy this pattern on Etsy, unfortunately it is a knitting pattern)

Problem is, most people can’t tell the difference between crochet and knit. There are a *lot* more knitting patterns out there than crochet (which I still don’t understand why). So while sometimes I get lucky and it will be crochet (Like the panzer tank slippers I’ve been commissioned to do; he *finally* got the yarn to me) most of the time it’s knitted.

I don’t knit. I don’t want to learn how to knit right now. I may never spend the time to learn how to knit.

I also have a bit of a reputation of figuring out how to make things work. Almost compulsively in some cases. So, after my mother-in-law linked me to a viking hat pattern (and my initial reaction of “gah! It’s knitted!”) I just had to figure out how to do it in crochet. Google is my friend because I did not one, but two!

This is the cleanest spot in my office right now

The brown one was first. I couldn’t find my ivory yarn (it was hiding under some works-in-progress) so I grabbed the taupe yarn I had. For the horns, I used this Crochet Horn Pattern from MyGurumi. I got a bit discouraged because she mixes knitting and crochet terms together (and like I said, I don’t knit), but once I figured that out, I translated the pattern so I could understand it and knocked out a couple of horns. They work really well… until you attach them. Because of how they are constructed, they angle quite a bit. If they are placed up high, it looks fine. However, my MIL wanted them down lower, so they look a bit odd. I tried to correct it with the purple and gold hat, but I don’t think I did enough.

The brown hat I used this Viking Helmet pattern from Crochet Parfait, at least partially. I made my hat longer than hers and did the bobble row a bit different. For the purple and gold hat, I did my own pattern, a variation of the one I used for my Mandalorian Hats. More or less I made a big circle, ending each row (unlike the mando hats which were worked in a spiral), then made the ‘tube’ part of the hat, finishing up with gold when I felt the purple was long enough. I could have left off one of the increase rows since the hat is a bit big, but that is always better than it being a bit small!

I made the brown hat Sunday – Tuesday (I had everything made by Monday; I just didn’t have time to stuff the horns and attach them during gaming) and the purple and gold hat took me Wednesday to do the circle and Thursday to finish the rest.

They aren’t perfect but the important thing is they are done and in time for my in-laws to wear them for the Minnesota Vikings game they’re going to this weekend! They will be some of the coolest and warmest hats in the stands! (and I only had to yell at once person for telling me that “traditionally, vikings wore their hats with the cross piece in the front.” I stopped him before he got to the ‘no horns’ bit)

You can tell I took these pictures at work. Look! Those pesky quickbooks books I still need to read!
And our spray jugs for tinting act as pretty good hat holders, at least for a photo op.

I really have too many projects on my list and I should learn to say NO (especially to myself) but .. these were just too cool!

Now to work on one of the other dozen or so projects I have started (I really wish I was exaggerating….).

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  1. Crochet is easier and FAR less time-consuming than knitting… I spent over 3 hours knitting the other night… I have a small “square” done for a blanket. Seriously, it’s about 8 inches by 5 inches, maybe. I love how knitting looks, but GAH! lol


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