This doesn’t look like 8 hours of work!

I’m now officially elbows deep in yarn for Christmas projects, which means most of what I’m working on has to be kept hush-hush until then. There is only 59 more days until Christmas, which scares me. I really don’t think I’m going to get everything done in time, but I’m going to keep plugging away at it until I am (if something has to be late and delivered/mailed later, so be it!).

One of my projects already has me swearing heavily. It’s a really simple pattern, it just takes fricken-forever to do (and it’s one of two, though the second will be late and the recipient has been warned). I’ve been re-watching one of my favorite Japanese dramas while working on it, since a) the simple pattern only requires minimal attention from me and b) since I’ve seen the drama before, I can look away briefly and still know what’s going on. I finished all of season one (nine 45 minute episodes) in an evening and the next day, then held up my progress. I had about 24 rows done, which was only about a foot and a half of afghan. “This doesn’t look like 8 hours of work!” I exclaimed to my husband (it was more like 6 since doing math in my head doesn’t work and I took breaks for food and coffee). He just laughed at me.

Then, the yarn I’m using for that one is *special*, as in one of the colors is now discontinued. I originally got it from Michaels Craft Store, which is super convenient for me normally since it’s just few blocks from work, it’s open 7 days a week, and it’s open a bit later than the other two craft stores in town. The problem is this project is taking a *lot* more yarn that I thought it would, so I’m starting to run out. So either I have to a)make it much narrower than I want, b)rip out ALL of my progress so far and make it less long so it will be more square, c) add a third color, or d) find more yarn.

Michaels doesn’t have an online store and doesn’t let you order their stuff online. The yarn I’m using is a Michaels only yarn . . . that’s discontinued so my local store can’t get anymore. ARG! Luckily, Ebay saved the day. HOPEFULLY I’ll have enough to get the darn thing done. I think I have enough yarn to get me through this weekend, since the packages won’t arrive until next week sometime (hopefully). I’m much more reluctant to use Michaels yarn for things though, since frequently I need a lot (afghans and all) and usually ZOMG NOW!

My husband has started to get frustrated with me since I can’t crochet and watch stuff I haven’t seen before, and if I have free time to watch something, I have free time to crochet instead (59 days!). We’ve had the new season of Warehouse 13 on our DVR since July, but I haven’t wanted to watch it since I have projects! PROJECTS!

Which is totally my own fault. I have no one to blame but myself.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine on facebook had a status update that I really liked, and promptly stole and reworded a bit:

Sometimes things suck. Sometimes they suck a lot. Sometimes you don’t want to hear that it’ll be okay (because sometimes it won’t). Sometimes you don’t want to hear that “We aren’t given more than we can handle” (because sometimes we are).

Sometimes, you need someone to say “Hey, you can’t deal with this on your own; But I’m here. I’m here 24/7, for whatever the fuck it is you need: dirty jokes, someone to cry at, someone to just listen and not tell you it’ll all be ok, but to hear how scared you are that it might not be. Someone to let you know it’s perfectly fine to hate the world right now. And if you let me, I’ll be one of those people. Guilt-free, no strings, no price to pay later.”

Someone to be there for you when you need it; someone to love you when you’re not very loveable. A friend. “If you call any person on this planet a friend, this is what it means. You are there, all the time, and you do what you can, when you can.”

I’m lucky enough to have some pretty awesome people as friends. I do the best for them with what I have. I’m a decent cook, so I try and make dinner on Mondays and Fridays when we hang out. I’m creative and insane, so I make them cool things for presents (afghans! AFGHANS OF EPICNESS. . . . that take up all of my free time for months and months at a time).

I’m a little resentful that I don’t have time to goof off and play video games, but the only way I’m going to get things done is if I do them. (Though I’m most guilty about the fact that I don’t have time to write.)

I have projects planned out until next August and I keep getting more ideas. I’m making this one somewhere between the March project and the August Project. Nyan Cat! FOR ME!

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