My Etsy Store… It’s Alive!

I finally got off my butt this weekend and got a few more stockings made and then yesterday set up my etsy store. I took the whole day off of work yesterday (because I’d been bitching for weeks that I never get to take days off. Ahh, the joys of owning your own business) and got it done, along with a few other things like cook dinner for my gaming group.

I don’t have a whole lot up yet, but slowly I’ll build up an inventory. The Ivory Tower of Doom Etsy Store!

One of the things that slowed me down was the fact that I didn’t have a light box to take pictures in and I really, really wanted one. (And of course, I didn’t think to take pictures as I was going. I was excited!)

I started with a box. At work we get shop towels by the box, so after cutting off the top (which I normally do anyway to store the towels) I had a nice 14″x14″x14(ish)” box to play with. Once I determined which face I wanted as the bottom (the one with the sticker I couldn’t remove), I measured 2 inches from each side on the left, top, and right sides of the box. Then, using my handy dandy utility snap blade (I love those things), I cut out the squares, resulting in a box with three holes on the sides!

They were just a little bit too big to use standard paper on or else I would have went with that. I was able to find a piece of muslin fabric in the clearance section of the craft store that was just big enough to cover all three holes. I roughly measured them by laying them inside, cut a small notch, then ripped the fabric in a straight line. I can’t cut straight most days and ripping is rather fun!

I couldn’t find my packing tape, but I ran across my tacky glue, so I went with that. I glued the fabric to the inside, stretching it as I went, making sure to glue the edges of the fabric down as well. I also cut a 4″(ish) strip from one of the scrap cardboard squares, scored it and folded it in half, then glued and taped it to the edge of the bottom to act as the stop for my back board. My poster board was just a bit too wide so I had to trim it, but it fit pretty well bent inside the box. Huzzah! Light box!

With a problem. I only had one light. Doh!

It doesn’t work so well with only one light

After *another* trip out of the house, I finally got two more lamps (and some fixings I needed for dinner, so it wasn’t a completely worthless trip) and a working light box! I am no photographer and my pictures are not the best, but with the light box they are better and clearer than me just throwing things on my laptop or gaming table to take a picture that way (which I still do anyway, heh).

Turn on all the lights!
It isn’t the greatest photo in the world, but it is one of the best that I’ve taken. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Eventually I’d like to get a tripod for my camera, but that’s something still down the road. Now I have to make more things to list! I’m still deciding on what other colors to make the stockings.