Rebel Alliance Citadel Afghan

Oh man, this project was so hard to keep quiet about. Behold, the Rebel Alliance Citadel Afghan!

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make my friends afghans for their birthdays (aside from the Doctor Who Scarf, which took about as long to make anyway). This one will be the second afghan I’ve made. The others are spaced further out, though the one two days after Christmas will likely be late as I have to finish Christmas stuff before working on his.

After the Death Star Afghan and it’s epic hugeness, I tried to scale this one down a bit. To make the pattern I opened a picture of what I was using (in this case, the Rebellion Logo from Star wars) in photoshop, put a grid layer over top of it, scaled it to how big I wanted to go (17 x 20) and then started filling in squares until I had something resembling what I wanted. For the squares themselves, I also made them smaller than the last one. The Death Star Afghan had squares with three rows; these squares only had two.

I’m not exactly sure how long it took me to make all of the squares. I started shortly after finishing the Death Star and before the Doctor Who scarf, but I also took a break to finish the Doctor Who scarf and the stockings and whatever other little projects I’ve been working on. Joining everything took me about three weeks (but I was still working on squares as I was joining).

I used the 3-chain continuous join method like the Death Star, but actually continuous (sort of) rather than worked in strips. I joined the first two rows, then added each row individually after that. It worked out pretty well, especially when Fall finally hit and it was cool enough to have it on my lap and not die from heat exhaustion. I got about seven rows in before I realized the afghan was going to be quite a bit smaller than I’d originally thought. I wanted it big enough for a person to hide under when it’s cold! Dammit!

The friend this afghan is for is not only a huge Star Wars fan (we refer to it as “being Lucas’ bitch”) but is also obsessed with Mass Effect. I didn’t need to make the blanket *that* much bigger so I threw on the N7 logo at the bottom. Hubby questioned my decision, asking me if I should combine the fandoms like that. I told him to just watch me do it!

Once I finally got it joined (Saturday morning), then I had to figure out the border. Because I used the continuous join method, I had ‘gaps’ between each square. I tried a few things before finally giving up and just doing two rows of the normal granny square stitch (3dc, ch 1 in each space) which made the border a bit wavy, but as the afghan will probably never lie completely flat, isn’t a big deal.

I finished off the border on Sunday night re-watching a Japanese Drama, which really pleased me that I was able to crochet and read subtitles at the same time. I’ve seen the show twice already and read the manga it’s based on at least three times, so I knew what was going on. My plan for the next afghan when it gets too big to manage is kick hubby off the tv to my laptop and re-watch a bunch of Japanese dramas I’ve been meaning to re-watch for a few years now.

I didn’t take any in-progress shots of this afghan since a)I was busy working on it and b)I didn’t want to be tempted to post it anywhere. Unlike the recipient of the Death Star, this afghan’s recipient uses facebook and twitter and reads this blog (waves) and is all social-network savvy. And it was REALLY REALLY hard to keep quiet about it, which is why she got it yesterday, rather than closer to her birthday towards the end of November. The look on her face when she realized what was in the box (what’s in the box? What’s in the box!?) made my day.

Now to work on the next project! Crocheting Ho!

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