This, That, and the Other Things

I never intended for this to become my crafting blog, but that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing with my free time lately.

I did a count recently and I had twenty eight different projects in my queue. I’d have to do another count since I’ve finished a few since then and then, of course, added a few as well. Over half of them are for Giftmas this year. Four of them are for birthdays in November, February, March, and (next) August. Three of them are exclusively for me. The remaining ones are random ones I’m throwing in here and there.

I haven’t spent very much time reading, playing video games, or watching TV because I have things to make. Hell, we haven’t watched any of this latest season of Warehouse 13 and it is one of my favorite shows. I have a hard time working on things and paying attention to something I haven’t seen before at the same time. Re-watching stuff is perfect for crocheting, especially when I get to the joining part of afghans. My normal spot at my kitchen table doesn’t work well when projects get to be too big. We haven’t done that a lot though since I’m still working on squares for this latest afghan and convincing hubby to re-watch something rather than play Diablo III is sometimes a challenge.

I’ve made a BUNCH of little stockings in the past month. Part of Giftmas presents for family and friends this year will be little things that are just right for a mini-stocking. I found a tutorial online for one and threw together one out of the blue and white yarn I had lying on the kitchen table from part of project #4 that I had just finished. It was cute, adorable even, but not quite wide or tall enough for my purposes, so I modified the pattern. I don’t think what I finally ended up with is very close to what I found, other than the general order of how they are assembled.

Stockings for my friends. I added embellishments on three of them (Cthulhu tentacles, Godzilla spikes and Dinosaur spikes). The fuzzy one gave me fits and caused much swearing.

I posted a picture on facebook of the three I had made (because I *have* to share the cute things I make.. I have to!) and my aunt just loved them and asked me to make her ten (which ended up being twelve) and she would pay me for them even. It took me a while but I finally got all of them done and shipped off AND I had finally made enough of them that I felt confident writing down the pattern somewhere, rather then just having jumbled post-it notes floating around my desks. I also made the six that are for my friends and two very, very little ones out of embroidery thread that will be earrings for my grandma.

My plan right now is to make more (because I can make them at work when we’re slow) and *finally* start up an Etsy store to sell them. I had planned on starting the store in March (after finishing that month’s birthday gift) but stockings are definitely a Giftmas item. I’ve got a few more things to do first (finish project #3, build a light box, make enough to have some inventory) but it is on the list now and sooner than I’d thought.

Each of the character name caps had a magnet on the back so we can attach them to our magnetic dry erase board. I tried to pick a picture that best fits each character. Sam is a Grey Goose (merc group) so he got the Grey Goose Vodka logo. Colt is a sniper. Shae Wolf is a tribal ‘wolf’ girl. Gil is a ‘Samurai’ (he’s lying and unfortunately, the katana didn’t turn out well). Betty is a terror with a lead pipe. Nick is a ‘Ninja’ (he’s delusional). Miriam (my character) is constantly talking her way into and out of trouble.

This past weekend I got really frustrated with myself since I had my hands on half a dozen different projects. I got progress made on all of them, which is always a good thing, but focusing on only one thing at a time is really hard. I’ve been making squares for project #3 and joining rows together on it. I’ve got 10 of 28 rows joined (because I recently decided it wasn’t long enough and added 8 rows!) and 383 squares out of 560 completely done, with another 55 squares made that need their ends woven in. I made resin-filled bottle caps that have pictures in them to represent characters during combat. I made some “Nuka Cola” bottle caps with modge-podge, a print out design, IBC root beer bottle caps, and resin to use as Bennies for that game (I made the GM squee!). I made one gift out of Fimo and two resin-based ones (was going for three but the third had a nasty bubble on the side and needs re-done). I worked on my Hylian Shield Purse idea, getting the design and pattern done and finding the fabric for the main body. I organized my entire fabric collection (because of the purse). I designed the pattern for the March Birthday Afghan. I made a paracordish bracelet out of nylon cording (I can’t recall what the knot is actually called).

A couple of my upcoming projects I have to work around my children (since they are for them or their cousin) AND one I have to work around them and hubby being home (since it’s his present and my children have big mouths). I also have to work around the gaming room being used three days a week, and that being the best place to spread out and do a lot of things (resin, sewing, joining afghans when it’s fricken warm!) A lot of my projects I can’t talk about yet (because they are gifts), but some I can.

Any requests on what you’d like to see? Or anything you’d like me to talk about?

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