Don’t Worry. It’s Really Hard to Die in this Game.

When I go out shopping, I love to just look at stuff. I can amuse myself for hours just browsing through the aisles, just seeing what interesting things I can find. The craft stores are especially troublesome. Any trip that takes me less than 30 minutes is a ‘short’ one.

While on a yarn run this morning, I found GIANT bottle caps in the clearance section. One of them is 3″ in diameter and the other is 2″. I decided that I must have them, zomg now, brought them home and made two new, giant buttons for my fabric wall hanging that stores almost all of my buttons. Since they are bottle caps and the game(s) Fallout use bottle caps as currency, I made them into Fallout buttons!

They were silver and shiny so I gave them a quick coat with some acrylic paint. I tried mixing some green I had with black to make a deep green for the larger one, and then solid black for the smaller one, but they both ended up looking black in the end.

I then designed and printed out what I wanted on them. The big one got the Fallout logo with the vault boy behind it. Since the caps are so deep, that design went on the inside of the cap. The other one is a quote/inside joke from our group (story below). That one went on the outside, since I can’t seem to measure correctly or cut straight. I covered the surface with some Mod Podge, put the paper down, then hit it with more Podge. Wait a while, another coat, wait some more, a coat on the other side of the cap, wait some more.

My pins weren’t very tall, so I had to use something on the smaller one to prop it up enough. I randomly had some 1″ wood disks floating around in my craft drawers, so I painted one black and gorilla glued it to the inside of the cap. Then I used gorilla glue to attach the pins, some random ones I had from a jewelry making kit I bought quite some time ago.

Next time I’ll use something else, like hot glue (I didn’t want to drag it out) or something that doesn’t expand. It made a bit of a mess, but no one is going to be able to see it, so it’s okay. If they were going to go on something that would get more wear (like my purse), I would use something different.

Now it’s story time:
I’ve never actually played a Fallout game all of the way through. I’ve played Fallout 3 for maybe 10 hours or so, but it’s rather hard to steal my TV from my hubby AND I’m busy with crafting, so I don’t play many video games right now. I do, however, play pen and paper roleplaying games twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

One of the games we’ve been playing for a while is a Fallout RPG game using the Savage Worlds system. We did a one shot last fall when someone was missing and we couldn’t play our normal games. We had a BLAST with it. For Giftmas last year, I made the GM a distressed tin to hold bottle caps for the game as my not-so-subtle hint that I wanted to play more.

During a rather intense fight, the GM told one of the other players “Don’t worry, it’s really hard to die in this game” shortly before rolling INCREDIBLY WELL and coming very close to killing her character. We’ve been quoting it since, especially when not one, but two of the other characters came close to dying, one of them twice. Incredibly, it hasn’t been my character close to death. Yet. I am still surprised by that since she frequently runs off on her own without telling anyone. (The quote was almost “Miriam: She ran off again, didn’t she?”)

I’m tempted to get some more bottle caps (probably normal ones and from drinks!) and making a cap for each of the characters. I would probably put the design on the inside and then seal them with resin. The problem would be deciding on a design for each of them.

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