My Three-Tiered Candy Dish

So I do know how to make things that aren’t geeky!

Isn’t it adorable!? I don’t know if the M&M’s really work on that bottom tier like that but they won’t last very long. I expect them to all be gone by Monday night.

While gathering supplies for various other craft projects (because Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays and I needed some of their “I Love this Cotton” yarn for a current WIP), I stopped at one of the local thrift stores. I enjoy looking at all the stuff, even if most of it is stuff I don’t need. Sometimes they have some decent yarn that is good for small projects, but not this trip.

As I wandered through their kitchen stuff, I saw a group of matching dishes that sparked an idea. I’ve seen quite a few tiered dishes, mostly for cupcakes and such, while browsing the internet. Did I need a tiered dish? Not really. Did I want one. Oh hell yes.

I picked up one large plate, two smaller plates (one for the second tier and one for the base), a bowl and two clear glasses, one a small tumbler and one a weird shot glass. I paid $2.99 for the entire bunch before tax. Since I knew I didn’t have any GOOD glue for ceramics at home (Wood, yes. Fabric, yes. Plastic, resin, and metal miniatures, yes), I swung by another craft store and picked up Gorilla Glue (but not Gorilla snot) and with my coupon, paid $2.99 for it. I still have a *ton* left after this project too. Use that stuff sparingly!

The thrift store I went to likes to mark all of their prices with permanent marker. I know the secret to removing permanent marker from smooth surfaces though; Dry erase markers! We always have some on hand, so it was just a quick matter of rubbing over the permanent marker and then wiping everything clean. I then thoroughly washed all the dishes by hand. I don’t plan on putting any unwrapped goodies on it, but I still didn’t know what had been on them before I bought them.

I didn’t like that the glasses were clear since I wasn’t very confident of my ability to glue without making a gigantic mess. Luckily for me, I have glass etching cream on hand. I’m pretty sure I bought the bottle over ten years ago, when I was still in high school, and I’m only about half of the way through the darn thing. The cream has turned more tan than white, but it still works. Mostly.

I etched both the inside and the outside of the glasses, since I knew they would never be used as drinking glasses ever again. My cream may be losing its effectiveness, I can’t manage to put an even layer on, or I’m impatient. Or all three. I let each layer sit for about a half hour before I rinsed it off. It isn’t perfect but it works for my purposes.

I then glued my ‘base’ plate to my larger plate.The Gorilla Glue directions said to get the surface wet and to put it on both sides. I wiped both down with a wet paper towel but I only put it on the smaller surface to be glued. I was too impatient to carefully measure out the exact center, then mark where it needed to go, THEN glue it, so I eyeballed it on all of them. I have a ton of heavy books just floating around so I grabbed the three closest (which turned out to be two manga and my used copy of Three Musketeers I picked up recently) and used that for the base.




I got a bit more creative when finding weights for the plate and bowl with the glasses. I needed something heavy with a hard surface, but not so large that it would threaten to tip off. My box of six sided dice and my two EDH/Commander decks for Magic the Gathering worked out rather nicely.


When the gorilla glue says that it will expand by two or three times and to NOT over apply it, it’s a good idea to heed that advice. The bottom of the small plate and the bottom of the larger glass weren’t quite even together, so I kept adding more glue until it evened out. Then it expanded. Oops. I spent a bit of time cleaning up the extra glue with some little wood sticks we have for mixing miniature paint as it dried and an exacto knife when it was dry.

I let the three of those sit for about an hour before gluing them all together. Then the books went back on top (and the dice and MTG decks got put away) and there was another hour of waiting. I worked on some crocheting and organizing my embroidery thread, so at least it wasn’t wasted time.

Finally it was time for the test! I put my books away and picked up the entire thing by the bowl. Victory! It didn’t break! I then got to fill it full of candy and admire its awesomeness. I have some coffee flavored candy in the bowl, Werther’s originals on the middle tier, and M&Ms on the bottom. I think when the M&Ms are gone, I’ll get some Hershey’s kisses or something smaller than ‘fun’ sized M&M’s.

My *one* complaint with it thus far is the bottom plate isn’t completely flat, so it rocks back and forth ever so slightly. I’ve got some felt around here somewhere though. I can fix it.

I kind of want to make more of these, but I don’t need THAT many candy┬áreceptacles in my house. They are cute though, aren’t they? Not bad for $5.98 and a Saturday afternoon.