It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take This…

I have a love of Zelda that borders on obsession. I have a 3 foot Link sticker on my wall and a much smaller Link sticker on my laptop (Linktop!).

While I was browsing the internet during lunch, I found a Triforce pillow someone had crocheted. Hey I can do that!

My grandma recently scolded me for making things for friends, rather than myself or family, so I figured, what the hell. I had some leftover “Sungold” yarn from two projects; the Mandalorian Mask Hat I made last Giftmas and the Doctor Who Scarf. I don’t normally like the color gold, but this is a triforce. It has to be gold!

I started by learning how to make triangles. When I first started crocheting, I made some rather epic ones, but they were unintentional. For my purposes, I found the best way to make a triangle was to do a row of decreases (decrease at the start of the row, single stitch across, decrease at the end of the row) followed by a normal row (single stitch across), and repeat until you run out of stitches.

I worked from the largest side to the point. I didn’t think I could make even triangles by starting with only one stitch.

For my triangles, I started by chaining 32, then single stitch starting at the second chain on the hook. Then I did a row of decreases, a row of single stitch, and back and forth until the end. I think if I would have done an odd number of chains (so 31 or 33) then my final decrease wouldn’t have been so weird. There were 4 stitches on my hook when I did that last decrease, which was weird, but it worked.

My sister-in-law thought this was the start of a Bikini.

I had to rip out half of a triangle because I was having an almost impossible time keeping track of which rows I needed to decrease on and which ones were normal. I was trying to work on it while watching the Roast of Roseanne and it just wasn’t working. The next one I used a pen to keep track; pointing it one way for a normal row and another way for a decrease row. Then I realized something.

As I was working, I noticed my tail end from my slip knot was always on my right (dominant) side when I needed to decrease and on the left side when it was a normal row. That made things a lot faster, especially since when I work on things at work, I have to set them down at a moment’s notice to get the phone or the door.

I made six gold triangles and two off-white triangles from some yarn I had hidden in my stash. To join them, I just put the seams together and single crocheted across. Those all went on the inside. The gusset (connector piece) I just chained a random amount and single crocheted across until it was fairly long. It’s rather thick but it works well.

I had *no* idea how to figure out how to tell how long I needed exactly. My solution to that was to use the outside of the skein to join one triforce to the gusset as I used the middle of the skein to make it longer. I am so glad I have good stitch holders. I’d work on part for a while, throw on a stitch holder, take out the stitch holder from the other piece, work on that for a while. Surprisingly, I did not get the yarn tangled up despite working the skein from both ends. I’m glad I did it that way since I was able to lay the pieces together and add a few more rows that were needed.

The second one was a bit more tricky to attach. I tried it once, realized that the points would land different places than the other one, and tried again. I had to use stitch markers to hold it where I needed it. When I was done, I turned it inside out, held it above my head and made the ‘you found treasure’ noise.

I found what stuffing I had on hand, but it wasn’t enough. This was also about 11:30 at night by the time I got to that point, and the only place open that had stuffing was Walmart. One does not simply walk into Walmart. There is an evil there that does not sleep. It had to wait for the next day after work.

So, as we gamed on Friday night, I ripped open my bag of stuffing (rawr!), stuffed the triforce, then used a darning needle to sew the gusset ends together. Then, of course, held it over my head and made the noise again. And a few more times over the night (my friends were laughing at me). It’s really squishy and was quite good for back support on that chair.

It’s so cool!

I got to thinking about the triangle thing and realized that a twenty sided die is really just a bunch of triangles (twenty of them, to be exact), and really, my gaming room *could* use more pillows. I also thought about making up some Rupee pillows to go with this one. Future projects to add to the queue (like I needed more!)