You’re Standing on my Scarf

It took two weeks, but I finally got my last epic project gifted!

One of my friends is a huge Doctor Who fan. When I was starting to get a lot better at crocheting, we discussed his want of a Doctor Who Scarf. I told him (partially jokingly, but partially serious) that he could learn how to knit and make one himself. He laughed, and said he could just see his roommate sitting on one side of the room and him on the other side, needles clicking away, watching TV together. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t have the patience to do such a thing.

Fast forward a year (or more) later. I’m elbows-deep in yarn for the Death Star Afghan and I get to thinking about the rest of my friend’s birthdays. I’m getting things plotted out and I come across this thing called a Knook. Knit with a crochet hook. At first I thought it was completely ridiculous, but then I got to thinking about it.

I can’t knit. I’m a crocheter. I don’t really have any desire to learn to knit; I could if I had to but it would take some time. A lot more time than I could spare right now (and to be honest, I just mailed my stray knitting needles to a friend who does want to learn). The Doctor Who Scarf is knitted, but if I could do a knit stitch with this knook thing, I’d be in business.

There is this very awesome website called that has patterns AND suggested yarn colors. I went with acrylic yarn, since it is lighter and cheaper. I didn’t have to puzzle out colors, which I loved (since I, myself, am not a huge Doctor Who fan). I found about half of the yarn at my local Hobby Lobby, but the other ones I had to search for online. I found a site,, that had all of the colors that I needed. I ordered the ones I was missing, as well as some ‘tester’ yarns for future projects. When I got the order, I realized that they had sent me the wrong type of yarn for one of the colors. After I emailed them, they sent me the correct ones at no charge and let me keep the wrong skeins!

Which is completely awesome because they are a purple fuzzy yarn. I don’t know what I’m going to make with it yet, but I’m going to make it for me!

I had a couple false starts with the knook. The booklet that comes with it is a bit vague on how to do it, but LeisureArts has some very awesome, and helpful, videos on their website that cleared things right up. I only

My knook with the longer cord. It worked really well.

bothered with learning how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and bind off. I didn’t bother learning how to purl or knit two together, or anything like that. The cord that comes with the knook was too short too, so I replaced it with some nylon cord I had sitting around from a celtic knot project.

It took me three tries to get the scarf completely started. The first time, I was doing things in the wrong order, so it was frustrating me and I ended up ripping it all out and working on a different project that night (squares I think). The second time, I had cast on the number of stitches my pattern had said, which ended up being 2 inches too wide for the scarf (the scarf is between 10-11 inches wide, and I had it at 13). The third time, I finally got it.

It took me about three weeks to completely get it done. I worked on it at home. I worked on it at work. I worked on it during gaming. My friends were SWORN TO SECRECY about the project. I had thought about just not working on it around any of them, and keep it a total surprise from everyone, but it would have taken me an extra couple of days if I hadn’t worked on it during gaming AND I have a really hard time keeping my projects quiet. I want to enthuse about them with someone!

The secrecy paid off. We invited that friend over under the pretense of watching movies with my husband (which they did do). Years ago, I made that friend a gaming bag and the magnetic clasp ripped the fabric. It had been sitting in my gaming room for a while (a long while, oops) because I was supposed to fix it. I finally got around to doing it, threw the scarf inside, and waited. When he showed up last night, I told him I finally fixed his gaming bag, oh, and I finished his birthday present, and threw the bag at him.

He lost the ability to speak for a good five minutes. He was *so* excited and *so* surprised about it. I got two hugs. It’s an incredibly awesome feeling to spend that amount of time on a gift and have the person absolutely love it.

One epic project down, only a ton left to go. Also, I make a horrible Doctor, but the scarf is nice.

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  1. And do I ever thank you for the knitting needles! I have a skein of yarn I’m using to randomly learn stitches with…. I can cast in 2 different ways, knit, and purl…. Have no idea what to make, though! lol

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