Crocheting is so fun! Crocheting is so fun! Now lets take a break and see what we have done!

I’ve been crocheting for over a year, successfully crocheting for about eight months. When I say ‘successfully’, I mean actually being able to make something that resembles what I was going for. Before the Mini-Thulu I made last October, I had a series of EPIC triangles (because I would miss stitches so the work got smaller as I went along) and one really, really, really long 2″ wide strap that was excellent practice.

One of the really hard things about learning a new skill is learning the lingo and the language of that skill. Crochet patterns looked like garbally gook to me for a long time; they still sometimes do if they are written in super-epic shorthand. Most of what I’ve made are things; I haven’t yet attempted clothing aside from scarves/hats.

For Christmas last year most of my in-laws got a crocheted scarf. My father-in-laws owns a 1950’s Crown School Bus he turned into an RV, so I made him a bus scarf. He isn’t a scarf person and even said that had it been just a plain old scarf, he wouldn’t care for it, but he really loved the bus scarf.

My friends all got something crochet/crochet related for Christmas and their birthdays that have already passed (one is coming up next month that I need to plan for still). One friend got a crocheted dinosaur named Ted (he’s an adorasaurus rex) for her birthday and a bag with her ‘shop’ logo on it and some tools and materials for Christmas so she could learn how to crochet. One friend got a scarf with the Imperial Logo from Star wars on each end. One friend got a lime green Cthulhu scarf complete with tentacles and adorable eyes. One friend got a Mandalorian Hat (Star Wars again) in the colors for one of his characters for Christmas, and a Godzilla hoodie for his birthday (which was a sewn project). Another friend got a Mandlorian Hat in the colors for HIS character and a scarf that looks like chainmail.

Ted I used a pattern for. Everything else, I either modified an existing pattern or completely came up with my own. I was only two months late on getting all of the Christmas gifts done, but given that I made all of them and I did NOT plan for enough time (and I got super sick last December too), I did alright.

I made myself a pair of fingerless gloves not that long ago because I decided I needed them, the first hat I made (the mishapen bag!) is mine since I was trying to figure out pattern and count stitches, and I have a little lamb named Lambert I didn’t use any sort of pattern for who guards some of my Star Wars books. I’ve also got a couple random drawstring bags that hold dice and poker chips. Otherwise I haven’t made a whole lot of stuff for myself yet. Presents keep getting in the way.

Mini-Thulu. He’s cute and wants to eat your soul.
Have you met Ted?

Who’s a cute old one? Who’s a cute old one? You are! Nomnomnomnom!